Our main objectives are to ensure that the confidentiality of information assets that we use in our corporate functions are appropriately provided, that the content is accurate and complete, and that it is accessible to what is needed. Treysan Prefabricated Steel Constructions. Singing. Tic. Inc. priority and protected assets at first level for company records, information obtained in the direction of customer contracts, information obtained through investment projects, applications of all projects



- Keep the information secret.

- Information can not be given to unauthorized persons deliberately or as a result of carelessness.

- Information is protected against unauthorized access.

- The integrity of the information is ensured by protection against unauthorized changes.

- Information is available to authorized users when needed.


For this purpose, an Information Security Management System, which is managed in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard and which is managed effectively, has been established and related controls have been extended within our company to be applied by each unit.


- Ensure that the system is continuously improved by identifying information assets within all business processes, creating an effective information security risk management approach, analyzing the security risks on these assets and managing the identified risks effectively.


- To view information security as a corporate responsibility, and therefore to allocate resources, define roles, determine authorities and take responsibility for ensuring that information security risks are managed properly and security controls are carried out in a healthy manner.


- It is the primary responsibility of all managers and employees to work in accordance with the requirements for security of our corporate information, legal requirements, requirements arising from contracts with the client and third parties.


- Establish the necessary systems to manage Information Security violations and take appropriate measures to prevent their recurrence.


- Work to ensure that all employees have an Information Security Consciousness


We commit.