Accommodation Containers

Treysan’s Accommodation Containers provide the perfect product with flexible design and production, simple installation in the factory or in the field, as well as easy transportation and re-location.
Treysan offers single level or two-storey containers as compounds for a wide span building requirements along with the options from packed shipping to on-site installation.  
Treysan’s container designs for diverse applications encompass a range from accommodation quarters to GSM cabins and equipment containers available for set-up in any environment. The equipment containers have also been designed for conversion into cold-storage units with the addition of special panels. 


Prefabricated Panelized System Buildings

Treysan designs and manufactures high-tech and superior quality panel system buildings that stand out in terms of short production times, services of transportation and installation, adaptable designs and easy re-location as well as a range of applications in any kind of environmental conditions.

The prefabricated panel systems can be manufactured as single-level, two or three-storey buildings that can provide accommodation and other needs under any condition, with the additional benefit of competitive pricing without compromising the quality.



Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Quick and cost-saving alternatives for a wide range of sites, Treysan’s pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal in terms of their flexible dimensions, speedy production and easy dismantling or relocation that is suitable for installation in any area of the world as well as use over longer periods of time. Our pre-engineered steel buildings come with a range of options including paint coating or hot-dip galvanizing, ready- or custom-made profiles, as well as insulated and non-insulated inner-outer panels.

Treysan’s pre-engineered steel buildings can be implemented in diverse areas. These include: industrial structures, factory buildings, production facilities, warehouses, workshops, sports centers, airplane hangars, shopping centers and showrooms.



Permanent Structures

Treysan also offers permanent solutions in pre-fabricated construction, catering to a range of budgets with practical applications in permanent building. Residence units, villas, prestige buildings, schools and commercial structures are among Treysan’s innovative solutions. These structures are built with sturdy galvanized thin-walled steel profiles, which are manufactured in high-tech CAD-CAM controlled lines and joined without welding. The main steel body, internal and external walls, floor panels and roof trusses are produced in separate lines and shipped as modular parts. Our clients confidently attest to our speed of production, simple installation or our products, not to mention the advantageous financial aspects. 



Rig Camps 

These are units which can satisfy the needs and accelerate the process of relocation with the sliding system it's equipped with under harshest conditions in Oil &  Gas fields. Though designable according to environmental conditions, they are in a position to provide intact and qualified solutions under hardest conditions with dormitory rooms, offices, clinics, cold stores, cuisine facilities, recreation, place of worship, WC/shower bath and generator facilities, all comprised of welded threesome, foursome and fivefold units which can be fixed on the main skid.