look around the world, you will see us...

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Look around the world, you will see us...

Treysan exports around 90% of the production to foreign markets and enjoys substantial recognition around the world as an acknowledgment of its high production standards as well as its expertise in exports. We are deeply honored; and this further motivates us to continue pushing the limits as a global brand.

Treysan Prefabricated

A distinguished company within IC Holding, Treysan Prefabricated was established in Ankara in 1975. Since then, with its product range Treysan is serving to the oil / gas sector companies, construction companies, military organizations, armies, and relief organizations by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions. 
Top quality production has always been the vital principle since the beginning; today Treysan Prefabricated is proud to be the sector leader in Turkey, enjoying recognition among some of the most reputable global brands, and looking at a bright future with a strong reach that spans 75 countries.
Treysan Prefabricated operates on a land area totaling 50,000sqm and production is carried out in the 18,000sqm plant with an annual production capacity of 600,000sqm. Investing further into technology in 2003, Treysan set up a second plant of 3,500sqm where it has successfully carried out weld-free production.  
Pioneering the way as a responsible sector leader in Turkey, Treysan Prefabricated is also distinguished as the only company certified with ISO 9001 - 2000 for top-quality production since 1996. Treysan Prefabricated is also committed to the highest environmental standards, with maximum environmental protection and minimum energy consumption.  

Treysan Foreign Trade

Treysan Foreign Trade, which was established in 2004 to streamline foreign trade and exports, drives Treysan’s success as the Turkish sector leader and recognition among distinguished global brands to a large extent.  
Treysan Foreign Trade has since evolved as a solid supplier for Treysan and as an incisive importer/exporter of office furniture, metal cupboards, bunk beds, water heaters, split or window type air conditions, industry type kitchen and laundry equipment, and construction materials.