At Treysan, the highest quality standards and the latest production technology are enhanced with astute investments in production technology and capacity. The weld-free manufacturing technology we implement since 2003 has reduced the use of materials by up to 25%, while the inventive designs and the stain resistant end products ensure endurance.


Adapting production technology to global demand, Treysan offers a viable alternative to heavy-steel truss systems with the light-steel Robotruss Truss Systems where different types of steel profiles are joined in special configurations without welding and bolts.
As with the production of Robotruss Truss Systems, Treysan utilizes superior automation technology to manufacture interior-exterior wall panel frames called Robopanels. These interior-exterior panel frames enable greater flexibility in the configuration and dimensions of door and window openings. Treysan manufactures the profiles for Robotrusses and Robopanels with galvanized steel, joining the parts with non-welded technology. Thanks to the superior technology utilized in production, the Robotruss and Robopanels do not require maintenance as a further important advantage.


Treysan has also established a R&D department using cutting-edge high technology in order to enhance product quality and expected life.