After-Sales Services

Treysan, provides top-notch after sales support to ensure consistent excellence, carrying out each project with outmost care and thus enhancing its fine reputation. Implementing high-tech in manufacturing products that defy the years and tough environment conditions Treysan, reflects the success and quality in production to the services it provides.



Treysan operates with a wide logistics network for its products, providing practical logistics services and support.







Treysan provides installation support to its products which are designed and manufactured with an eye for the smallest detail, and which are easy to install.






Infrastructure Services 

Treysan, under its top-notch after sales support, also provides infrastructure services offering superior quality products as always to facilitate the customer’s work.







Furniture & Equipments

Treysan meets a wide range of needs with practical, competitively priced and durable products that can be installed in any kind of environment, and we go one step further by procuring functional furniture and equipment.






Turn-key Camp Buildings

Treysan has always maintained its tradition of providing a perfect service and delivery in due time with turn-key camp solutions including infrastructure under any circumstances whatsoever.